Career Services

Mountain State College provides job search assistance for each graduate if the graduate is making a substantial, good faith effort to find employment. This service is handled on a local basis and endeavors to place each graduate in a position commensurate with skills developed. Services are provided to assist in the job search; the graduate is still responsible to seek job openings, send resumes, prepare for job interviews, and do all those things suggested by the College and/or customarily done to aggressively obtain employment. Graduates may generally expect entry-level positions; however, level of employment obtained and the likelihood of obtaining employment is heavily dependent on the student's job search efforts and the record the student makes while in school. Students are advised grades, absences, dress, conduct, work ethic, and attitude displayed in school may significantly affect both the likelihood of finding employment and the level of employment obtained.

Employment statistics, data on career opportunities, wage rates, and related projections, opinions, and information provide only general employment trends. Neither such information nor the College's assistance is to be considered (expressed or implied) as a guarantee of employment or the likelihood of employment or an indication of the level of employment graduates may expect. (Graduates may generally expect entry-level positions.)

Prior to starting classes, students should review information regarding career fields, employment opportunities, wage rates, and related information available from the U.S. Department of Labor, the local job service office, area employment agencies, state agencies, and other appropriate sources.

The College promotes through personal contact, direct delivery of resumes, announcement letters and employment surveys, the availability of Mountain State College graduates for employment. Assistance is given in the completion of employment applications, successful resume writing, and proper interviewing techniques. Mountain State College will prepare students educationally for employment and will assist students in all employment matters but does not, in any way, guarantee employment.